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7 Day - National Park Adventure - Pre-Trip Information

Note: This same information is available as part of the PDF file following the Detailed Itinerary


This is in great part a wilderness trip and while no particular skills are needed for any portion, a prerequisite for personal enjoyment as well as the ability of the group as a whole to proceed without hindrance, is a moderate level of physical conditioning --this does not mean brute strength or endurance but simply the ability to hike for up to four hours over uneven ground (with breaks) in possibly inclement weather. A suggested minimum level of conditioning would be several hours of steady walking a day in the weeks before the trip. We will also be sleeping in tents for four nights, two nights in a row at both locations.


While all group equipment is provided, this is an outdoor trip and personal gear should be chosen carefully (see enclosed list). The weather we might encounter could range from temperatures in the low thirties to the mid eighties, with rain of course always a possibility. This variety would suggest being prepared for the coldest to ensure comfort at all times, with multiple layers of versatile clothing the best approach.


Three to four changes of lightweight clothing are recommend which can be layered on cooler evenings. For outerwear, a sweater or pullover is perfect with the best being made of polypropylene pile, accompanied by a light jacket or vest. A high quality, two piece rainsuit is necessary (discount house disposable variety not acceptable), which can also be used as a windbreaker or outer shell and should include a hood or else a rain hat. A hat is also ideal for the sun, with some also preferring an additional light stocking cap and gloves.

Footwear should be suitable for the intended hiking, fairly lightweight and comfortable --this is not a time to break-in new boots . . .

Sleeping Bag

Should be comfortable to thirty degrees to ensure warmth if it gets damp, with mummy styles recommended. (NOTE: Clean, appropriate sleeping bags can also be rented from Adventure Alaska for a fee of $30 for the trip --please indicate in advance if needed) A very comfortable full-length sleeping pad is provided, that with another gizmo, doubles as a wonderful camp seat. A daypack enough to hold a jacket and your camera, binoculars and waterbottle, is also recommended.


Soft sided luggage, duffels or travel packs are best. Total amount of personal gear for the trip including sleeping bag, should not exceed fifty pounds or fill more than approximately four standard grocery sacks (five cubic feet), or a reasonably sized and manageable bag. Extra luggage can usually be stored in Anchorage during the trip. While this is not a backpacking trip, you will need to be able to carry your gear a short ways (up to 50 yards), as these are wilderness camps.


Accommodations: Include a roadhouse/lodge and a bed and breakfast, both with private baths, as well as four nights camping. The lodge and B & B are set up for double occupancy while camps are of course camps. Camping will be with two persons to a tent designed for three. Both of the camps (exquisite!) are our own, and do feature dining shelters, outhouses, and other amenities.

Meals: Some of the meals will be in established facilities, sometimes with a limited menu. While in camp, due to the nature of wilderness travel, choice will often be limited to a single entree with choice of side dishes. We make no pretense toward gourmet cuisine, though all meals are hearty and cookbook-worthy! Special dietary needs cannot always be met. Let us know if you have any special or medical dietary requirements and we'll be happy to discuss the options. Alcohol is not included.

Legal Requirements

Insurance: Health: Adventure Alaska cannot require participants to provide proof of insurance but it is more than strongly recommended to retain and review your personal policy; NOTE: Adventure Alaska cannot be expected to and will not assume payment liability for medical care or treatment of any kind.

Traveler's: It is likewise strongly urged to carry traveler's insurance in case you have to cancel or cut short your trip for any reason; lose your luggage, etc. A pamphlet for a travel insurance company with whom we've had good experience will be included in your trip packet. 


Though most everything is included in the overall price, money for souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, etc., should be either in cash or in traveler's checks in dollars. While credit cards are of course a traveler's best friend, and are accepted in almost all larger towns, they are often of limited use in the more remote destinations.

Pre/Post-Trip Lodging 

Many types are available in Anchorage as are independent extensions after the trip. Facilities fill up very early during the summer season so please advise us well in advance if you need assistance so that we are able to guarantee suitable accommodations. Hotels/B&B's in Anchorage range from $95-250/night, plus taxes.


EMERGENCIES: A trip list of the individual accommodation addresses and emergency phone numbers with the specific dates when you will be there is sent prior to trip departure. As some places are quite remote, the best way to be reached while on the trip, is through the Adventure Alaska office in Hope.

Smoking and cell phone use not permitted in the vans. Lodging facilities are also all non-smoking.

Suggested Reading 

The Far North is a story teller's dream of history, wildness, and people. Each client's appreciation will be immeasurably heightened by gaining some background beforehand of Alaska and the areas of our travels through these books and others. (You can also see if you can stump the guide!) A free catalog of these books and many others is available from:

Alaska Natural History Association 605 W. 4th Ave. Ste. 105 Anchorage, AK 99501 telephone: (907) 274-8440

"Discover Alaska"         Alaska Northwest Books 
"Alaska's Magnificent Parklands"         Alaska Geographic 
"Alaska's History"         Harry Ray Ritter, Jr.
"Alaska's Native People"         Alaska Geographic
"Alaska's Mammals"         Alaska Geographic
"Wrangell-St. Elias"         Alaska Geographic
"The Copper Spike"         Lone Jansen


Adventure Alaska reserves the right to make changes to any itinerary based on external factors or safety concerns.  Costs of associated services caused by weather or factors beyond our control will be the responsibility of our guests.  Cancellations or changes by individual service providers will not necessarily result in refunds for promised services.  We also refuse the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone. As travel and Life in general are not inherently risk-free, guests will be required to fill out a medical form and waiver prior to participation.  Enough of the legal stuff...we do look forward to you joining us! 








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